Empress Ki Drama

Empress Ki Drama - After watching some small part of this drama, I think this is quite a good drama to share. 

Quick summary: The drama is about Empress Ki, who was born in ancient Korean Kingdom Goryeo but later married to the Emperor of Yuan Dynasty (An ancient Dynasty in Chinese history). Her love and life is torn between the her born kingdom and the new kingdom where she rules as the empress.

Link for Raw and Sub

(For those who may not know adfly, to watch the drama, follow the link, wait for 5 sec, then click "Skip Ad" at the top right corner of the screen, then you will see the video with Engsub)

You can also go to my other site: http://empresskihouse.blogspot.com/2014/01/empress-ki-ep-21-engsub.html if you just want to see the Drama Empress Ki alone.

Hi everybody, responding to some suggestion of you for a Facebook page for better conversation between the drama's fan, drama share and information, I made one here: https://www.facebook.com/EmpressKiHouse?ref=hl, from now on, I will also update the Engsub link there, also some information that you may want to know, feel free to ask me and everybody here. Hope that we can build a place for many Empress Ki fan to gather, have a chat, discuss the drams's favourite characters, and have fun there 

(For those who don't know how to use adly link: you may click on the link, wait for 5 sec then Find on the top right corner of the screen, a yellow button called "Skip ad", click it then you can see the video)

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Empress Ki Ep 51-1 Engsub: http://adf.ly/lLek2 Or http://adf.ly/lLiks
Empress Ki Ep 51-2 Engsub: http://adf.ly/lMK1n Or http://adf.ly/lMKBy
Empress Ki Ep 51-3 Engsub: http://adf.ly/lNb51 Or http://adf.ly/lNbKA
Empress Ki Ep 51-4 Engsub: http://adf.ly/lO5cZ Or http://adf.ly/lOXOs
Empress Ki Ep 51-5 Engsub: http://adf.ly/lPVQP Or http://adf.ly/lPVcb

Empress Ki Ep 50-1 Engsub:http://adf.ly/lFje2 Or  http://adf.ly/lFZbQ
Empress Ki Ep 50-2 Engsub: http://adf.ly/lFzGM
Empress Ki Ep 50-3 Engsub: http://adf.ly/lGGKc
Empress Ki Ep 50-4 Engsub: http://adf.ly/lGq1i Or  http://adf.ly/lGle7
Empress Ki Ep 50-5 Engsub: http://adf.ly/lHcj4 Or http://adf.ly/lKdSa

Empress Ki Ep 49-1 Engsub: http://adf.ly/kgvzd Or http://adf.ly/khO3z
Empress Ki Ep 49-2 Engsub: http://adf.ly/khNdI Or http://adf.ly/kieES
Empress Ki Ep 49-3 Engsub: http://adf.ly/khq1J Or http://adf.ly/kidwY
Empress Ki Ep 49-4 Engsub: http://adf.ly/kidPz Or http://adf.ly/kjxrU
Empress Ki Ep 49-5 Engsub: http://adf.ly/kjN2b (Completed) Or http://adf.ly/kjy5e
Empress Ki Ep 49 Preview Engsub: http://adf.ly/kdoQQ
Empress Ki Ep 48-1 Engsub: http://adf.ly/kab5E Or http://adf.ly/kbJyb
Empress Ki Ep 48-2 Engsub: http://adf.ly/kbJdR Or http://adf.ly/keSJb
Empress Ki Ep 48-3 Engsub: http://adf.ly/kbfox Or http://adf.ly/kbpss
Empress Ki Ep 48-4 Engsub: http://adf.ly/kdZXa (For download) Or  http://adf.ly/kdZ5K
Empress Ki Ep 48-5 Engsub: http://adf.ly/kdhaX (Completed) Or http://adf.ly/ke0Um

Empress Ki Ep 47-1 Engsub: http://adf.ly/jyOJl Or http://adf.ly/k1aLE
Empress Ki Ep 47-2 Engsub: http://adf.ly/jyygV Or http://adf.ly/k0MH9
Empress Ki Ep 47-3 Engsub: http://adf.ly/k05Cd (For Download) Or http://adf.ly/k05Us (For download) Or http://adf.ly/k0JJq (Online)
Empress Ki EP 47-4 Engsub: http://adf.ly/k0L5z Or http://adf.ly/k2EwJ
Empress Ki EP 47-5 Engsub: http://adf.ly/k1sS4 (For download) Or http://adf.ly/k214q

Empress Ki Ep 47 Preview Engsub: http://adf.ly/ju8Kf
Empress Ki Ep 46-1 Engsub: http://adf.ly/jrVSV Or http://adf.ly/jtsmp
Empress Ki Ep 46-2 Engsub: http://adf.ly/jruuI  Or http://adf.ly/jtt4x
Empress Ki Ep 46-3 Engsub: http://adf.ly/jsSY0 Or http://adf.ly/jttMg
Empress Ki Ep 46-4 Engsub: http://adf.ly/jtFXP Or http://adf.ly/jtRyG
Empress Ki Ep 46-5 Engsub: http://adf.ly/jufxE

Empress Ki Ep 45-1 Engsub: http://adf.ly/jDrpY Or http://adf.ly/jGpkP
Empress Ki Ep 45-2 Engsub: http://adf.ly/jEhs6 Or http://adf.ly/jGpUy
Empress Ki EP 45-3 Engsub: http://adf.ly/jFDnV Or http://adf.ly/jGpFy
Empress Ki Ep 45-4 Engsub: http://adf.ly/jH7MD Or http://adf.ly/jIvA9 Or http://adf.ly/jXYZG
Empress Ki EP 45-5 Engsub: http://adf.ly/jGozr Or http://adf.ly/jIvWN

Empress Ki Ep 45 Preview Engsub: http://adf.ly/j9WDs
Empress Ki Ep 44-1 Engsub: http://adf.ly/j6Zfa Or http://adf.ly/j8KdH
Empress Ki Ep 44-2 Engsub: http://adf.ly/j8L2R Or http://adf.ly/j7GaB
Empress Ki Ep 44-3 Engsub: http://adf.ly/j8JSu Or http://adf.ly/j8LW4
Empress Ki EP 44-4 Engsub: http://adf.ly/j8uF3 Or http://adf.ly/jCv76
Empress Ki Ep 44-5 Engsub: http://adf.ly/j9Vdv Or http://adf.ly/jCvSj

Empress Ki Ep 43-1 Engsub: http://adf.ly/iLqrL Or http://adf.ly/iN2Gn
Empress Ki Ep 43-2 Engsub: http://adf.ly/iN24Y Or http://adf.ly/iNekK
Empress Ki Ep 43-3 Engsub: http://adf.ly/iNePO Or http://adf.ly/iOEC8
Empress Ki Ep 43-4 Engsub: http://adf.ly/iODs7 Or http://adf.ly/iOEMC
Empress Ki Ep 43-5 Engsub: http://adf.ly/iPN1E Or http://adf.ly/iPm1P (Completed)
Empress Ki Ep 43 Preview Engsub: http://adf.ly/iIiSl

Empress Ki Ep 42-1 Engsub: http://adf.ly/iFbOA Or http://adf.ly/iFxwG
Empress Ki Ep 42-2 Engsub: http://adf.ly/iGNDD Or http://adf.ly/iGxG0
Empress Ki Ep 42-3 Engsub: http://adf.ly/iGwwP Or http://adf.ly/iGx6N
Empress Ki Ep 42-4 Engsub: http://adf.ly/iHXof Or http://adf.ly/iIi7r
Empress Ki Ep 42-5 Engsub: http://adf.ly/iIhyR Or http://adf.ly/iLt4x

Empress Ki Ep 41-1 Engsub: http://adf.ly/hXMhd Or http://adf.ly/haYKN
Empress Ki EP 41-2 Engsub: http://adf.ly/hXzPw Or http://adf.ly/haYn0
Empress Ki Ep 41-3 Engsub: http://adf.ly/hZeNc Or http://adf.ly/hbSPM
Empress Ki Ep 41-4 Engsub: http://adf.ly/haDnJ Or http://adf.ly/haZ2I
Empress Ki Ep 41-5 Engsub: http://adf.ly/hbQnb Or http://adf.ly/hekiT

Empress Ki Ep 40-1 Engsub: http://adf.ly/hP4CG Or http://adf.ly/hV1kJ
Empress Ki Ep 40-2 Engsub: http://adf.ly/hQJQB Or http://adf.ly/hV203
Empress Ki Ep 40-3 Engsub: http://adf.ly/hRAkR Or http://adf.ly/hV2Bo
Empress Ki Ep 40-4 Engsub: http://adf.ly/hRxl3
Empress Ki Ep 40-5 Engsub: http://adf.ly/hV1Ft (COmpleted)

Empress Ki Ep 39-1 Engsub: http://adf.ly/gYE5G Or http://adf.ly/geLPA
Empress Ki Ep 39-2 Engsub: http://adf.ly/gcDsB
Empress Ki Ep 39-3 Engsub: http://adf.ly/ggkHS
Empress Ki Ep 39-4 Engsub: http://adf.ly/gc7HW Or http://adf.ly/ggkkJ
Empress Ki Ep 39-5 Engsub: http://adf.ly/gfPpy Or http://adf.ly/ghST2
Empress Ki Ep 39 Preview Engsub: http://adf.ly/gUxuW
Empress Ki Ep 39-1 Raw: http://adf.ly/gUJpo
Empress Ki Ep 39-2 Raw: http://adf.ly/gUK2W

Empress Ki EP 38-1 Engsub: http://adf.ly/gR48K Or http://adf.ly/gX299
Empress Ki Ep 38-2 Engsub: http://adf.ly/gSdG2 Or http://adf.ly/gX2PR
Empress Ki Ep 38-3 Engsub: http://adf.ly/gUJ2b Or http://adf.ly/gX2ZF
Empress Ki Ep 38-4 Engsub: http://adf.ly/gUJFw Or http://adf.ly/gUyKD
Empress Ki Ep 38-5 Engsub: http://adf.ly/gUxRZ Or http://adf.ly/gX2p4
Empress ki Ep Ep 38 Preview Engsub: http://adf.ly/fdecl
Empress Ki Ep 37-1 Engsub: http://adf.ly/fZ2m2 Or http://adf.ly/fekK7
Empress Ki Ep 37-2 Engsub: http://adf.ly/fZsU5 Or http://adf.ly/fhRwd
Empress Ki Ep 37-3 Engsub: http://adf.ly/faZOp Or http://adf.ly/fhSMd
Empress Ki Ep 37-4 Engsub: http://adf.ly/fdJrK Or http://adf.ly/fhSZq
Empress Ki EP 37-5 Engsub: http://adf.ly/feJBH Or http://adf.ly/fhyFM (Completed)

Empress Ki Ep 37 Preview ENgsub: http://adf.ly/fU0d7
Empress Ki Ep 37-1 Raw: http://adf.ly/fS57K Or http://adf.ly/fS5iy
Empress Ki Ep 37-2 Raw: http://adf.ly/fS5V6 Or http://adf.ly/fS5ve

Empress Ki EP 36-1 Engsub: http://adf.ly/fNCD4
Empress Ki Ep 36-2 ENgsub: http://adf.ly/fP50q Or http://adf.ly/fOhIN
Empress Ki Ep 36-3 Engsub: http://adf.ly/fQLCV Or http://adf.ly/fWpok
Empress Ki Ep 36-4 Engsub: http://adf.ly/fS6TO Or http://adf.ly/fWq1N
Empress Ki Ep 36-5 Engsub: http://adf.ly/fU0TJ (Completed)

Empress Ki Ep 35-1 Engsub: http://adf.ly/eO0Ce Or http://adf.ly/ePUP4
Empress Ki Ep 35-2 Engsub: http://adf.ly/eOFhc Or http://adf.ly/ePVUA
Empress Ki EP 35-3 Engsub: http://adf.ly/eOqH6 Or http://adf.ly/ePWVf
Empress Ki EP 35-4 Engsub: http://adf.ly/ePHHN Or http://adf.ly/eS54C
Empress Ki EP 35-5 Engsub: http://adf.ly/ePmBx Or http://adf.ly/eXknv (New)
Empress Ki EP 35 Preview Engsub: http://adf.ly/eMiwQ

Empress Ki EP 35 Preview Engsub: http://adf.ly/eMiwQ
Empress Ki Ep 35-1 Raw: http://adf.ly/eM8Uc
Empress Ki Ep 35-2 Raw: http://adf.ly/eM8bs

Empress Ki EP 34-1 Engsub: http://adf.ly/eNblz (Fixed)
Empress Ki Ep 34-2 Engsub: http://adf.ly/eNb55 (Fixed)
Empress Ki Ep 34-3 Engsub: http://adf.ly/eMTmk (Fixed) or  http://adf.ly/eMJKj (For download) Or
Empress Ki Ep 34-4 Engsub: http://adf.ly/eNNpy (Fixed)
Empress Ki Ep 34-5 Engsub: http://adf.ly/eNbVF (Fixed)

Empress Ki Ep 34 Preview Engsub: http://adf.ly/e62mJ
Empress Ki Ep 33-1 Engsub: http://adf.ly/e7Vzg (Fixed)
Empress Ki Ep 33-2 Engsub: http://adf.ly/e7WBZ
Empress Ki Ep 33-3 Engsub: http://adf.ly/e7WDB
Empress Ki Ep 33-4 Engsub: http://adf.ly/e5sOg
Empress Ki Ep 33-5 Engsub: http://adf.ly/e8ZWa (Fixed)
Empress Ki Ep 33 Preview Engsub: http://adf.ly/e3pe0

Empress Ki Ep 32-1 Engsub: http://adf.ly/e51X2 (Fixed)
Empress Ki EP 32-2 Engsub: http://adf.ly/e51br
Empress Ki Ep 32-3 Engsub: http://adf.ly/e51iH
Empress Ki Ep 32-4 Engsub: http://adf.ly/e51qz
Empress Ki EP 32-5 Engsub: http://adf.ly/e3pYd (Completed)

Empress Ki Ep 32 Preview Engsub: http://adf.ly/dpcsF
Empress Ki Ep 31-1 Engsub: http://adf.ly/dpY6p (Fixed)
Empress Ki Ep 31-2 Engsub: http://adf.ly/dpgoG (Fixed)
Empress Ki Ep 31-3 Engsub: http://adf.ly/dpojy (Fixed)
Empress Ki Ep 31-4 Engsub: http://adf.ly/dpvC0 (Fixed)
Empress Ki Ep 31-5 Engsub: http://adf.ly/dqPxz (Fixed)

For other dramas, that I have been sharing, you may go to: http://koreandramaonair.blogspot.com/
or My YouTube Channel 1, or My YouTube Channel 2
For other dramas, that I have been sharing, you may go to: http://koreandramaonair.blogspot.com/
or My YouTube Channel 1, or My YouTube Channel 2

Empress Ki Ep 30-1 Engsub: http://adf.ly/dmiyd (Fixed)
Empress Ki Ep 30-2 Engsub: http://adf.ly/dmkvk (Fixed)
Empress Ki Ep 30-3 Engsub: http://adf.ly/dmyWR (Fixed)
Empress Ki Ep 30-4 Engsub: http://adf.ly/dkn66
Empress Ki Ep 30-5 Engsub: http://adf.ly/dlUCO (Completed)

Empress Ki Ep 30 Preview Engsub: http://adf.ly/dQsEv
Empress Ki Ep 29-1 Engsub: http://adf.ly/dSGjJ (Fixed)
Empress Ki Ep 29-2 Engsub: http://adf.ly/dPh4G
Empress Ki Ep 29-3 Engsub: http://adf.ly/dQ4mO
Empress Ki Ep 29-4 Engsub: http://adf.ly/dQJfj
Empress Ki Ep 29-5 Engsub: http://adf.ly/dQy4P (Completed)
Empress Ki Ep 28 Engsub: http://adf.ly/d8dON (Full)
Empress Ki Ep 28-1 Engsub: http://adf.ly/d5aI7 (Seletced subbed)
Empress Ki Ep 28-2 Engsub: http://adf.ly/d5gFk (Selected subbed)
Empress Ki Ep 28-3 Engsub: http://adf.ly/d5vxk (Selected subbed)
Empress Ki EP 28-4 Engsub: http://adf.ly/d5w2q (Selected subbed)
Empress Ki Ep 28-5 Engsub: http://adf.ly/d6Tqi (Selected subbed)

Empress Ki Ep 28 Preview Engsub: http://adf.ly/d4A7D

Empress Ki Ep 27 Engsub: http://adf.ly/d8CIN (Full)
Empress Ki Ep 27-1 Engsub: http://adf.ly/d2zH0 (Selected subbed)
Empress Ki Ep 27-2 Engsub: http://adf.ly/d3BcT (Selected subbed)
Empress Ki Ep 27-3 Engsub: http://adf.ly/d3Ddk (Selected subbed)
Empress Ki Ep 27-4 Engsub: http://adf.ly/d3SqM (Selected subbed)
Empress Ki Ep 27-5 Engsub: http://adf.ly/d491u (Selected subbed)

Empress Ki Ep 26 Engsub: http://adf.ly/d8dX6 (Full)
Empress Ki EP 26-1 Engsub: http://adf.ly/clN9z (SELECTED SUBBED)
Empress Ki Ep 26-2 Engsub: http://adf.ly/clNKP  (SELECTED SUBBED)
Empress Ki Ep 26-3 Engsub: http://adf.ly/cm9BG  (SELECTED SUBBED)
Empress Ki EP 26-4 Engsub: http://adf.ly/cm960  (SELECTED SUBBED)
Empress Ki Ep 26-5 Engsub: http://adf.ly/cnp1S (SELECTED SUBBED)

 Empress Ki Ep 25-1 Engsub: http://adf.ly/cidjx (Selected subbed)
Empress Ki Ep 25-2 Engsub: http://adf.ly/cidtG (Selected subbed)
Empress Ki Ep 25-3 Engsub: http://adf.ly/cidwV (Selected subbed)
Empress Ki Ep 25-4 Engsub: http://adf.ly/cidz4 (Selected subbed)
Empress Ki Ep 25-5 Engsub: http://adf.ly/cj1P1 (Selected subbed)
Empress Ki Ep 24-1 Engsub: http://adf.ly/cSN1J
Empress Ki Ep 24-2 Engsub: http://adf.ly/cU2XF
Empress Ki Ep 24-3 Engsub: http://adf.ly/cUPCa
Empress Ki Ep 24-4 Engsub: http://adf.ly/cUUg9
Empress Ki Ep 24-5 Engsub: http://adf.ly/cUyaz (Completed)

Empress Ki Ep 24-1 Raw: http://adf.ly/cRUwd
Empress Ki Ep 24-2 Raw: http://adf.ly/cRV0i

Empress Ki Ep 24 Preview Engsub: http://adf.ly/cQUpl

Empress Ki Ep 23-1 Engsub: http://adf.ly/cPr7T
Empress Ki Ep 23-2 Engsub: http://adf.ly/cQYX5
Empress Ki Ep 23-3 Engsub: http://adf.ly/cQwCJ
Empress Ki Ep 23-4 Engsub: http://adf.ly/cRkwl
Empress Ki EP 23-5 Engsub: http://adf.ly/cSImG (Completed)

Empress Ki Ep 22-1 Engsub: http://adf.ly/c7nDB
Empress Ki Ep 22-2 Engsub: http://adf.ly/c8Dbz
Empress Ki Ep 22-3 Engsub: http://adf.ly/c9Ex1
Empress Ki Ep 22-4 Engsub: http://adf.ly/c9Mjw
Empress Ki Ep 22-5 Engsub: http://adf.ly/c9eZb (Completed)

Empress Ki Ep 22 Preview Engsub: http://adf.ly/c67bQ
Empress Ki Ep 22-1 Raw: http://adf.ly/c63i0
Empress Ki Ep 22-2 Raw: http://adf.ly/c63ji

Empress Ki Ep 21-1 Engsub: http://adf.ly/c4fwc
Empress Ki Ep 21-2 Engsub: http://adf.ly/c529Z
Empress Ki Ep 21-3 Engsub: http://adf.ly/c5Snj
Empress Ki Ep 21-4 Engsub: http://adf.ly/c66xu
Empress Ki Ep 21-5 Engsub: http://adf.ly/c6ixX (Completed)

Empress Ki Ep 20-1 Engsub: http://adf.ly/bmS3g
Empress Ki Ep 20-2 Engsub: http://adf.ly/bngo4
Empress Ki Ep 20-3 Engsub: http://adf.ly/boG2j
Empress Ki Ep 20-4 Engsub: http://adf.ly/bof4K
Empress Ki Ep 20-5 Engsub: http://adf.ly/brHht (Completed)
Empress Ki Ep 21 Preview Engsub: http://adf.ly/bp3PK

Empress Ki Ep 20 Preview Engsub: http://adf.ly/bl4mt
Empress Ki Ep 19-1 Engsub: http://adf.ly/bjFQw
Empress Ki Ep 19-2 Engsub: http://adf.ly/bkFp2
Empress Ki Ep 19-3 Engsub: http://adf.ly/bkjSp
Empress Ki Ep 19-4 Engsub: http://adf.ly/blFt0
Empress Ki Ep 19-5 Engsub: http://adf.ly/brBgg (Completed)

2013 MBC Drama Award Engsub (Ha Ji Won answer the question who would she like to receive the Couple Award together): http://adf.ly/bartU

Empress Ki Ep 18-1 Engsub: http://adf.ly/bH1Te
Empress Ki Ep 18-2 Engsub: http://adf.ly/bCNgX
Empress Ki Ep 18-3 Engsub: http://adf.ly/bD6Y9
Empress Ki Ep 18-4 Engsub: http://adf.ly/bEnfG
Empress Ki Ep 18-5 Engsub: http://adf.ly/bErKP
Empress Ki Ep 17 Engsub (Full): http://adf.ly/bCQQd (Hardsubbed)

Empress Ki Ep 18 Preview Engsub: http://adf.ly/bAenu
Empress Ki Ep 18-1 Raw: http://adf.ly/bAbRp
Empress Ki Ep 18-2 Raw: http://adf.ly/bAbeo

Empress Ki Ep 17-1 Raw: http://adf.ly/b7qJd
Empress Ki Ep 17-2 Raw: http://adf.ly/b7qRw

Empress Ki Ep 17 Preview Engsub: http://adf.ly/au3ju
Empress Ki Ep 16-1 Engsub: http://adf.ly/arxUR
Empress Ki Ep 16-2 Engsub: http://adf.ly/asyDR
Empress Ki Ep 16-3 Engsub: http://adf.ly/atZmJ
Empress Ki Ep 16-4 Engsub: http://adf.ly/auCRn
Empress Ki Ep 16-5 Engsub: http://adf.ly/awnC4 (Completed)

Empress Ki Ep 15-1 Engsub: http://adf.ly/aqKlv (Fixed)
Empress Ki Ep 15-2 Engsub: http://adf.ly/aqBxp
Empress Ki Ep 15-3 Engsub: http://adf.ly/aqnqw
Empress Ki Ep 15-4 Engsub: http://adf.ly/arb6x
Empress Ki Ep 15-5 Engsub: http://adf.ly/atGYh (Completed)

Empress Ki Ep 15-1 Raw: http://adf.ly/aoUsY
Empress Ki Ep 15-2 Raw: http://adf.ly/aoV2E

Empress Ki Ep 15 Preview Engsub: http://adf.ly/aazvD

Empress Ki Ep 14-1 Engsub: http://adf.ly/aZZ80
Empress Ki Ep 14-2 Engsub: http://adf.ly/aaAQO
Empress Ki Ep 14-3 Engsub: http://adf.ly/aasuu
Empress Ki Ep 14-4 Engsub: http://adf.ly/abqRc
Empress Ki Ep 14-5 Engsub: http://adf.ly/acyZj (Completed)

Empress Ki Ep 14 Preview Engsub: http://adf.ly/aY6ui
Empress Ki Ep 14-1 Raw: http://adf.ly/aY74V
Empress Ki Ep 14-2 Raw: http://adf.ly/aY79R

Empress Ki Ep 13-1 Engsub: http://adf.ly/aWKRc
Empress Ki Ep 13-2 Engsub: http://adf.ly/aWkAL
Empress Ki Ep 13-3 Engsub: http://adf.ly/aXnLg (Audio fixed)
Empress Ki Ep 13-4 Engsub: http://adf.ly/aY45E
Empress Ki Ep 13-5 Engsub: http://adf.ly/abNfH (Completed) (To watch the vid fast and first, you need to go to menu bar, File, then click Download)

Empress Ki Ep 13-1 Raw: http://adf.ly/aVJkE
Empress Ki Ep 13-2 Raw: http://adf.ly/aVJo8
Empress Ki Ep 13 Preview Engsub: http://adf.ly/aJDDL

Empress Ki Ep 12-1 Engsub: http://adf.ly/aGfLN
Empress Ki Ep 12-2 Engsub: http://adf.ly/aIkH1
Empress Ki Ep 12-3 Engsub: http://adf.ly/aIt4Q
Empress Ki Ep 12-4 Engsub: http://adf.ly/aJZEU
Empresss Ki Ep 12-5 Engsub: http://adf.ly/aKLKS (Completed)

Empress Ki Ep 11-1 Engsub: http://adf.ly/aHLCX (Second mirror added)
Empress Ki Ep 11-2 Engsub: http://adf.ly/aEkvH
Empress Ki Ep 11-3 Engsub: http://adf.ly/aFRLg
Empress Ki Ep 11-4 Engsub: http://adf.ly/aG1Yj
Empress Ki Ep 11-5 Engsub: http://adf.ly/aHrLG (Completed)

Empress Ki Ep 12-1 Raw: http://adf.ly/aFDJJ
Empress Ki Ep 12-2 Raw: http://adf.ly/aFDTW
Empress Ki Ep 11-1 Raw: http://adf.ly/aCOJm
Empress Ki Ep 11-2 Raw: http://adf.ly/aCOOi

Empress Ki Ep 10-1 Engsub: http://adf.ly/Zylpw
Empress Ki Ep 10-2 Engsub: http://adf.ly/a17jn
Empress Ki Ep 10-3 Engsub: http://adf.ly/a1Ve7
Empress Ki Ep 10-4 Engsub: http://adf.ly/a21fm
Empress Ki Ep 10-5 Engsub: http://adf.ly/a6669 (Completed)

Empress Ki Ep 9-1 Engsub: http://adf.ly/Zv8a4
Empress Ki Ep 9-2 Engsub: http://adf.ly/Zvk13
Empress Ki EP 9-3 Engsub: http://adf.ly/ZwgrC
Empress Ki Ep 9-4 Engsub: http://adf.ly/Zx2fw
Empress Ki Ep 9-5 Engsub: http://adf.ly/Zyaaq (Completed)

Empress Ki Ep 8 Engsub: http://adf.ly/ZiHot

Empress Ki Ep 7-1 Engsub: http://adf.ly/Zf3Vf
Empress Ki Ep 7-2 Engsub: http://adf.ly/ZfZ5G (Completed)

Empress Ki Ep 8 Preview Engsub: http://adf.ly/ZWUDe

Empress Ki Ep 6-1 Engsub: http://adf.ly/ZOz4l
Empress Ki Ep 6-2 Engsub: http://adf.ly/ZPdGH (Completed)

Empress Ki EP 5-1 Engsub: http://adf.ly/ZLcU5
Empress Ki Ep 5-2 Engsub: http://adf.ly/ZOoem (Completed)

Empress Ki Ep 3 Engsub: http://adf.ly/cgtEG

Empress Ki Ep 2 Engsub: http://adf.ly/cgt3u

Empress Ki Ep 1 Engsub: http://adf.ly/cgtAJ


  1. Haii
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  2. Thanks for the "selected subbed" episode ! Although I am disappointed not able to watch the entire hour, this is really good enough.. Hope you enjoy your holidays! Happy Lunar New Year to you ^^

  3. thanks a lot for the episodes really thanks xoxo

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